About Apetamin Shop

How nice that you ended up on my webshop! I am Valerie and I am 27 years old .. I have always been very thin and I thought it was in my genes or something. During my pregnancy, I had only gained about 10 kilos and unfortunately I lost all the weight after I gave birth. Also I always thought I ate enough, but in reality that was not enough to gain weight. Because in order to gain weight, you have to get around 2500 to 3000 healthy calories. 4 years ago I came in contact with Apetamin, via the internet.

I bought it and after the first bottle I had gained 3 Kilos I then went deeper into nutrition and training in combination with Apetamin and Macca root. (I will post blogs with nutritional tips and recipes on the site.)

My environment began to notice that I gained some weight and asked me where I purchased the product. That was through Ebay it was very expensive and shipping took a very long time. I gained a total of 12 Kilograms with Apetamin and Macca root and eating healty. Meanwhile, more demand for Apetamin started. With some research, I came across a supplier who could help me bring Apetamin to the Netherlands. I have created a Facebook page (ApetaminNederland) and Instagram (Apetamin_nederland_) and I get it in no time a lots of orders and followers. I then decided to open a webshop.

I hope you enjoyed reading my story.

Succes with your weight gain journey!

Apetamin Nederland